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The AcceleroSynth 2012


Synthesizer, Music Synthesizer Or Electronic Sound Synthesizer

Synthesizer machine that electronically generates and modifies sounds, frequently with the use of a digital computer. Synthesizers are used for the composition of electronic music and in live performance. Synthesizers are typically played with keyboards or controlled by sequencers, software or other instruments. A electronic musical instrument that generates audio signals. Synthesizers typically create sounds by generating waveforms, through methods including subtractive synthesis, additive synthesis and frequency modulation synthesis. These sounds may be altered by components such as filters, which cut or boost frequencies, envelopes, which control articulation, or how notes begin and end, and low-frequency oscillators, which modulate parameters such as pitch, volume, or filter characteristics affecting timbre.

The AcceleroSynth – 2012

We are finally ready for our first electronics project, The AcceleroSynth. It is an microcontroller-based (Arduino) music synth that is controller by a 3 axis analog accelerometer. It will be both a hardware and a software synth. This is the announcement for the project and in the coming days I will post the BOM (Bill of Material), schematics and Arduino code with the first assembly video. The project will first be assembled on a protoboard, then a soldered version will be built either on a perfboard or on an Arduino ProtoShield. If there is enough demand either a PCB or an Arduino Shield will be built for the project and sold here. More on that later. The first installment on the building of the project should be up on a few days.

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Technology Experience

  • Single-Board Microcontrollers (PIC, Arduino, Raspberry Pi,Espressif, etc…)
  • IoT
  • Robotics
  • Camera and Video Capture Receiver Stationary, Wheel/Tank and Underwater Vehicle
  • Unmanned Vehicles Terrestrial and Marine
  • Research & Development (R & D)
  • Desktop Applications (Windows, OSX, Linux, Multi-OS, Multi-Tier, etc…)
  • Mobile Applications (Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Windows CE, etc…)
  • Web Applications (LAMP, Scripting, Java, ASP, ASP.NET, RoR, Wakanda, etc…)
  • Social Media Programming & Integration (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc…)
  • Content Management Systems (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Moodle, etc…)
  • Bulletin Boards (phpBB, SMF, Vanilla, jobberBase, etc…)
  • eCommerce (WooCommerce, OSCommerce, ZenCart, PayPal Shopping Cart, etc…)

Instructor and E-Mentor

  • IoT
  • PIC Microcontrollers
  • Arduino
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Espressif
  • Robotics
  • DOS, Windows, OSX, Linux, iOS, Android, Multi-OS
  • Linux-Apache-PHP-MySQL

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