Project #14: Components – Pololu Adjustable Boost Regulator 2.5-9.5V – Mk13


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Pololu Adjustable Boost Regulator 2.5-9.5V

Pololu Item: 791

This powerful, adjustable boost regulator can generate an output voltage as high as 9.5 V from an input voltage as low as 1.5 V. A trimmer potentiometer lets you set the boost regulator’s output voltage to a value between 2.5 and 9.5 V. The Pololu adjustable boost regulator is a very flexible switching regulator that can generate voltages higher than its input voltage. We offer adjustable ranges approximately 2.5 V to 9.5 V. The output voltage can be set using the trimmer potentiometer in the upper-right corner of the board.

Some example applications include:

-Powering 5 V or 3.3 V systems from lower-voltage batteries
-Powering 5 V subsystems (e.g. sensors) in lower-voltage (e.g. 3.3 V) systems
-Achieving consistent actuator operation when powered by fluctuating batteries
-Powering high-brightness LEDs or a large number of LEDs in series

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  • DOS, Windows, OSX, Linux, iOS, Android, Multi-OS
  • Linux-Apache-PHP-MySQL
  • Robotics
  • Arduino
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Espressif

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