Project #14: Components – SparkFun Rotary Switch – 10 Position – Mk12


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SparkFun Rotary Switch – 10 Position – SparkFun Rotary Switch Breakout

SparkFun Item: COM-13253 – BOB-13098

This is a single pole, 10 position rotary switch able to select up to 10 different states in a durable package. Unlike our other rotary switch, this model is much more robust and capable of handling larger currents and voltages. A very simple board designed to easily provide you access to each pin on our 10-position rotary switches. This breakout allows you to easily add a rotary switch to your next project without having to worry about attaching its unique footprint to a custom solderless breadboard. Each one of these boards breaks out the common ( C ), 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 positions on the board into 0.1″ spaced pins.

1 x SparkFun Rotary Switch – 10 Position
1 x SparkFun Rotary Switch Breakout
1 x Black Knob
11 x 1K Ohm
11 x Break Away Headers – Straight
1 x Breadboard Solderable
3 x Wire Solid Core – 22 AWG

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